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We specialize in providing commercial flooring products and installation of a wide range on flooring options, the process to refinish a commercial floor is quick, clean, and easy, and the result is simply beautiful.

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Lima’s Flooring has been installing, repairing, and refinishing commercial hardwood floors for the past 15 years. Many businesses prefer hardwood floors because they are professional, clean, and easy to maintain. Hardwood floors at businesses do receive quite a bit more foot traffic than floors at home, and our experts know the right types and species of wood to fit the commercial style and demands. Our team can handle a job of any size, and our services in collaboration with our trusted vendors will produce only the highest quality commercial flooring for your business.

1. Commercial Hardwood Floor Installation

Whether you are an apartment complex, bank, school, or law firm, we will find the type and style of wood that’s right for you. Certain businesses require that “high class” look, while others are looking for practicality in bulk. Lima’s flooring can help you at each end of the spectrum with different wood species from a number of our vendors. Installation will be on time and within the budget, and your business will look better than ever!

2.Commercial Hardwood Floor Repair

Depending on the business, thousands of feet can touch a business’s floor in a day. Equipment is moved on a daily basis. Accidents happen such as fires, floods, or scratches and dents. Lima’s Flooring professionals can tell you if a damaged floor needs to be replaced, or if we can simply repair the area of flooring that is damaged. Either way, once the repair is complete you will never be able to tell that it was once damaged.

3.Commercial Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Our flooring professionals at Lima’s Flooring use state of the art dustless sanding machines to sand and refinish floors. The process to refinish a commercial floor is quick, clean, and easy, and the result is simply beautiful.
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