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Screening & Recoating

The screening performed to remove dull and light scratches, process can restore the glow of the floors and give them a refreshed look.

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What is recoating and why would I need it?

Recoating is simply applying a fresh coat of finish to your hardwood floor. Often times recoating is confused with refinishing. Refinishing requires the removal of the floor’s original finish before re-applying the same finish or applying a new finish. With recoating, a finish is applied over the existing finish. Because recoating is a much simpler job than refinishing, it is also cheaper.

The first step in the recoating process is screening. Screening is lightly sanding the floor to remove just the last finish so that we are left with a smooth surface free of scratches or impurities.

Once this is done, the recoating process begins. We will apply the finish you have selected, followed by a protective polyurethane coat. As soon as the final coat dries, your old floor will look brand new!

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